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Reduced Orchestrations

Most of the shows published by Pavilion Music are accompanied by band parts in the original orchestrations. Details are given on the page for each show. For the most part this means a standard operetta orchestra of around 18 to 20 players. The grand operas, such as Carmen or The Devil and Kate, need a much larger orchestra. These days, however, many societies with either limited budgets or limited orchestra pits are only able to use much smaller ensembles. We have a panel of professional musicians who can produce reduced orchestrations for almost any size of band and combination of instruments. See also Theatre Music Editions.
It is not possible to put a set fee on such work, as it will depend on the work required and the time available. Please enquire for a quote to suit your circumstances.

Set Design and Advice

Stage sets are available on hire from the major suppliers, several of whom are listed on the Useful Links page, and advice can be given freely on request. For companies who like to build their own sets but do not have a designer, original professional set designs can also be commissioned for individual shows if desired.

New Translations

If you do not find what you are looking for in this catalogue, we will be pleased to offer advice on alternative sources or shows. If a suitable translation does not exist we can - given sufficient notice - prepare a new version to suit your needs. Please bear in mind that this can take several months, so do not expect us to be able to produce a new show at a momentís notice!