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Suppé (pastiche)

Operetta in 1 Act.
Music taken from
Written by George Hauger.

Michel Paponnet is preparing for a fancy dress ball, but cannot decide what costume to wear. When his friend Raoul arrives all ready to go, Michel explains he is not yet dressed because he has lost his maid, and his new one won’t be arriving until the next day. The two friends decide to get into the right mood for the ball by having a drink before they go, and Raoul continues to drink while Michel goes into the next room to change. Raoul is already a little tipsy when a young woman enters, dressed as a maid. Raoul mistakenly thinks she is a friend of Michel’s who is also going to the fancy dress ball. When Michel returns he likewise thinks Louise is a friend of Raoul’s, and the conversation takes a confusing turn until Louise finally manages to explain she is Michel’s new maid, arrived a day early. By this time the young men have both taken a fancy to the young woman, and they think she is much too nice to be a maid. When she explains that in reality she is an out of work actress, they propose taking her to the ball with them, where she can meet Hugo Dubois, the famous theatre director. After all, she is already in costume, and if Dubois does not give her a job, the post of maid is still available. All three go off singing and dancing to the ball, Raoul only pausing to take the wine bottle with him as the curtain falls.

Details available on request.


A room in Michel’s flat, probably in Paris and probably during the years of “gay Paree”.


(No chorus)

Michel Paponnet (tenor)
Raoul (baritone)
Louise Lamberthier (soprano)