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Welcome to Pavilion Musicís on-line catalogue of operas and operettas in new English translations. Whatever your tastes we are sure you will find something of interest within these pages. Unless otherwise stated our shows are not musical adaptations - each is based on the original score and the music is presented exactly as the composer intended. All are equally suited for amateur or professional performance.

Authentic scores are combined with top quality English texts by respected professional translators. Many of George Haugerís elegant and witty translations, including those represented here, have been broadcast by the BBC, and Ian Gledhillís work has been performed not only in this country but also in Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

For each show in the catalogue you will find a detailed synopsis, lists of principal and lesser roles, requirements for chorus, and information on the stage settings and the orchestration. Further advice on these topics is available on request. (See Other services)

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